Can Google+ help my business? Yes it can – and here’s the proof!

One of the questions we get asked regularly at the Social Media Training workshops we run – is “Can Google Plus help my business?”


It’s a very good question, because unlike some of the more obvious and immediate benefits that people understand in relation to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, many small businesses see Google+ as yet another social media channel that they really don’t have the time to update.

Well my plea to you today is – FIND THE TIME!

In order to prove the value of Google Plus to you – please follow these simple instructions.  And if you’re not convinced that Google+ can help in the next 3 minutes (because that’s all it should take), then feel free to ignore it, and spend your valuable time doing something else to help market your business.

1) Go to Google, and search for “Can Google plus help my business” – you’ll see loads of results, from a wide variety of sources, but probably none of them from NSDesign.

2) Now ‘Login’ to Google (assuming you actually do have a Google login – which most people now do – it’s needed for ANY Google product such as GMail, Google Calendar, etc).  You can probably skip this step as you’re maybe already logged in!

3) Visit the NSDesign Google+ Page and Click on the orange “+Follow” button, adding us to one of your circles (any of the circles will do).

4) Now head back to Google’s main search page and search again for the phrase – Can Google Plus help my business


What you should now see in the Search Results page – is not only a link to our post on Google Plus about this subject, but a nice wee visual of our Logo too.  To stress, we’re now on page 1 (hopefully near the top) of Google, for a search that you just performed.  We weren’t 2 minutes ago?  But we are now.

And it’s not just because we asked you to type something very specific into Google either…  Try searching for the more generic “Social Media Training” and see what you get?  Are we on there?  Probably!


What does all this prove….

In my opinion (and form the results that we see) Google+ is fast becoming a game-changer when it comes to SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation has always focused on keywords, content, backlinks and more.  And for the foreseeable future – these SEO elements are still extremely important.  But Google clearly has a strategy of making search more personal.  More tailored to each individual user of Google.  There’s no such thing as the “Top Of Google” anymore, as it’s different for every single person.

So to summarise my advice:

1) Embrace Google plus, and create a Google+ Business Page if you haven’t already.
2) Try and add regular content to that page (as well as maybe your own personal profile).  Talk about the things you do and the problems you solve.
3) Work hard to Grow your audience on Google plus.

The last point is perhaps the hardest part – building up the numbers of people who follow you.  But if you get them, and they later search for something you’ve posted on your Google+ page – well done – you’re pretty much Top of Google, and all of this from just being Social.

Let me know how it works for you!

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