What is Google remarketing and how can I use it for my business?

How much does your business know about the people who visit your website? And how can you encourage those people to come back if they’re not quite ready to buy the first time? This is where Google remarketing can help.

What is Google remarketing?

Put simply, Google remarketing allows your business to target and engage with people who have previously visited your website or app.

You may have seen Google remarketing in action as a user. Have you ever browsed a site, then gone to a different site and noticed an ad for the first site?

If you want to remind people to come back to your site, you can create an ad with video, animated images, static images and text, and then using a cookie with a special tracking code that is placed on your website, your ad will be shown to anyone who has that cookie.

The ads are served via Google’s Display Network – a huge network of websites that have agreed to host adverts for other sites in exchange for a commission.

By strategically positioning your ads to a relevant audience in this way, you can help to drive relevant, repeat traffic to your website, and monitor its impact on your sales.

Benefits of Google remarketing

Google remarketing can have several benefits for your business and its marketing strategy. These include:

  • Targeting at the right time: Your ads will be shown to people who already have an interest in your products/services at a time when they are browsing elsewhere, and are therefore more likely to make a purchase.
  • Focused advertising: With Google remarketing, it is possible to create lists that allow you to advertise to different audiences in specific ways, for example to people who left your website or app without purchasing the items in their cart.
  • Reach a bigger audience on a larger scale: The potential audience for Google remarketing is enormous: ads for your business can be displayed on over two million websites and mobile apps!
  • Cost-effective pricing: With real-time automated bidding, Google will be able to calculate the optimal bid for your ads to be viewed. You always stay in control of your overall budget and daily spend.

How can Google remarketing be part of my marketing strategy?

You can use Google remarketing as part of your marketing strategy in the following ways:

  • Standard remarketing: With this option, your ads will be shown via the Display Network to previous visitors to your website as they continue to browse other websites and apps.
  • Dynamic remarketing: Would you like to take your remarketing to the next level? Dynamic remarketing goes one step further and will also include mentions of the products and services that someone viewed on your website or app within the ad.
  • Remarketing within search ads: Google remarketing also allows your ads to be shown to your previous website visitors as part of their Google search results.
  • Remarketing using existing customer lists: If you have lists of contact information that your customers have provided you with, you can upload these and serve ads to your audience once they are signed into Google.


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