What is Facebook remarketing and how can I use it for my business?

How often do people visit your website, add items to their shopping cart and then leave? If cart abandonment and lack of conversions is an issue that your business is facing, Facebook remarketing could help.

In this blog we introduce the concept of Facebook remarketing, and explain in more detail how it can benefit your business and be incorporated within your marketing strategy.

What is Facebook remarketing?

Facebook remarketing allows your business to run highly targeted Facebook ads for people who have previously interacted with your business.

Using a special tracking pixel, when someone visits your website or interacts with your business, they will be tagged with a code that allows you to track their behaviour. As a result, it is then possible to serve an ad to this potential customer while they are browsing Facebook, with an exclusive offer, discount or even freebies that can encourage them to come back to your site to complete their purchase.

In a similar way to Google remarketing, Facebook remarketing can help you to attract and engage with lost traffic, and then help to convert that traffic into sales.

However, it is important to note that Facebook remarketing isn’t about “stalking” your previous website visitors. Somebody who doesn’t want to buy isn’t going to change their mind just because you keep showing them ads. Instead, you should focus on understanding your audience and their behaviour on your website in order to create an ad that can persuade a willing customer that now is the right time to make a purchase.

Benefits of Facebook remarketing

Facebook remarketing can have several benefits for your business and its marketing strategy. For example:

  • Ads served to the right audience at the right time: Your ads will feature prominently in your audience’s Facebook feed, helping to attract their attention and remind them of your products and services. You can also choose when your ads are shown, so if you know sales are higher at the weekend, you can time your ads to run then.
  • Ads that are relevant to your audience: Facebook ads can be highly targeted and fine-tuned to ensure that the right people see them. Successful campaigns often show different variations of an ad to different segments of their audience.

The key to Facebook remarketing success is ensuring that your ads use relevant copy and images that will grab your customers’ attention and encourage them to return your website.

Using Facebook remarketing

You can use Facebook remarketing as part of your marketing strategy in the following ways:

  • Utilise your existing customer list: If you already have a list of contacts and customer details (such as email addresses or phone numbers), Facebook remarketing allows you to upload this and it will serve your ads to any of its users whose contact details match those you have uploaded. You can even ask it to find new ‘lookalike’ audiences with similar profiles to the users on your list. This can be a great way to expand the audience for your ads in a highly targeted way.
  • Target your website visitors: After adding a Facebook pixel to your website, you’ll be able to create a specific audience as a result of the pages that different website visitors have viewed. This ensures that you capture their attention based on the products and services that they have shown an interest in.
  • Target your app visitors: If your business has an app, you can also use Facebook remarketing to target people who have opened your app recently, made a purchase or abandoned their cart before making a purchase.


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