Content is king – but why?

Three king crowns christmas decorationEver since Google began establishing its dominance as the search engine of choice Internet experts have been repeating the mantra ‘content is king’. Over the years unscrupulous search engine optimisation experts have found various loopholes designed to artificially boost rankings, and Google has spent millions of dollars refining search algorithms to catch them out.

But one thing is certain – top quality written content has consistently proven its value in boosting search results, no matter how Google changes its algorithms.

It’s not just about word count

Research suggests that Google favours long content, with articles 2,000 words or more in length being particularly well regarded. The length of the article is not however as important as the quality of the content.

Articles need to be well-researched, interesting and original if they are to be successful. Google is pretty good at spotting duplicate, low-quality content automatically, but it also relies on another factor – humans.

If an article is useful and interesting, people will share links on their own webpages or via social media. Google monitors and counts these links assuming, generally correctly, that the content is of high quality. Where those people doing the sharing have a high reputation of their own, Google assigns even greater weight to their ranking because they are unlikely to link to low-quality content.

To stand out from the online crowd, your website needs to be well populated with great quality content. So when designing a new website, make sure that you take the time to write content of the highest possible quality too.

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