5 digital marketing myths

7K0A0021You can find information on almost everything online, and digital marketing is no exception. The internet is rife with uninformed and outdated digital marketing information, meaning myths are all too common. If you’re not careful what you read, you could end up following advice that’s old hat, or worse, detrimental to your business.

Here are five common digital marketing myths, busted.

1. Build it and they will come

Having a well designed, responsive, user-friendly website is important for businesses (some might say essential), however a great website is just the beginning. Although some people might find you without any other marketing activity, a website launched in isolation is unlikely to see hordes of traffic. To really see the benefits of online marketing, you need to invest in marketing activity – like SEO, social media and email marketing – to help people find you, and encourage repeat visits.

2. You need to be number one in Google for a particular phrase

If we had a pound for everyone time we’ve heard someone say they want to be number one in Google for a competitive phrase, we’d be rich. Although being number one for a particular phrase is an honourable goal, it’s extremely difficult, and is unlikely to result in the flood of traffic you might expect.

Instead, a better SEO strategy is to spread your effort across a variety of phrases – from broad terms to more detailed (long tail) phrases. You might not rank at number one, or even page one, for all the phrases, but you’re likely to see more results from this distributed approach.

3. Social media is free

Social media can be a great way to reach more people, engage with new audiences and drive traffic to your website. However, it’s just not possible to do this for free. Effective social media costs money, either in the form of paid promoted posts or resource to plan, manage and update your channels. Even managing it yourself eats into your valuable time, a recent survey found the average small business spent six to ten hours a week managing social media.

4. Email is outdated

With so much talk about social media it can be tempting to ignore more established digital marketing tactics like email. This could be a mistake, as email marketing is one of the most cost effective channels, and nearly half of email recipients will make a purchase based on a promotional email.

5. You need to create huge amounts of content

Content marketing is the latest digital marketing buzzword – and with good reason. Done right, content marketing can help attract new people to your website while cementing your relationship with existing customers. On the other hand, quickly churning out a raft of low quality content is more likely turn potential customers off your business.

For your content to get found, you’ll also need to work at sharing through social media and email, plus optimising for SEO. In conclusion, for your best chance of success, you need a great website and a multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

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