What do you want to be known for?

keywordsIt may sound like a question your mother might ask, but asking yourself ‘what do you want to be known for?’ is actually crucial to defining how customers find your business online. This is because the actual words you use on your site are what search engines like Google rely on to index and rank your website.

But more important than the overall text are your choice of keywords. Keywords are the phrases that you think people will be using when they search online. If you can choose the right keywords, you have more people clicking through to your site because your site appears towards the top of the search results.

With the correct keywords identified, your website then need to be ‘optimised’ so that it includes these phrases at the appropriate points.

Choosing the right keywords can be quite tricky, and will require some additional research to ensure that (a) you are choosing words that people are searching for and (b) you know the keywords your online competitors are using too. Changing your website to accommodate these new optimisations is something of an ongoing process – many SEO experts suggest adding additional content to your website on a regular basis to target new keywords and customers.

Keyword optimisation is simple in theory, but may take some time to apply properly – and the benefits may take weeks or months to be realised too. But it always pays to ask: ‘what do you want to be known for?’

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