Back to the dark ages…

So after a sleepless night listening to the wind share my garden furniture with the neighbours, I bravely made the 2 hour drive (normally 45 mins) to the office, dodging all the obstacles (the usual things – missing bits of road, tree stumps etc) and averaging approx 5mph all the way along the M8.

But I got there, late – safe and sound, ready for a fun-packed day speaking to clients, meetings, design reviews and all the other interesting (honest) things that make up a “usual” day for me at NSDesign.

Until I realised the power was out.

 No phones, no lights, no heating, no automatic door-entry, no hot coffee, no web access, nothing.  I did manage to logon to a laptop on the wi-fi network (which strangely enough uses the same emergency generator power that the emergency evacuation lighting uses – and while I personally think having no internet is an emergency, I’m amazed that the people who designed the building thought so!), but it soon lost all battery power.  I even tried connecting for a while on my 3G enabled Nokia N73, and while Nokia advertise this phone as having “mobile internet” – trust me – it’s not. 

It really was an eye-opener as to the extent we all rely on power.  This may sound stupidly obvious (especially for a tech company such as ourselves), but it’s not until you’re stuck with absolutely NOTHING to do, that you realise that “content isn’t king”, power is!!!

In the end we all went home, and worked from there.  I knew I should have stayed in Bed.

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