My week on work experience with NSDesign

Last month, we were lucky to have Nairn Brown, a 4th year student from Largs Academy, in with us for a week’s work experience. Here’s his summary of how it all went!

A selfie with Gary (the boss) taken just outside the BBC Radio studios!
I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to NSDesign. I’ve had no experience of working in an office – only on a farm and delivering milk early in the morning.

When I arrived at their office I was introduced to everyone and got setup with my computer. I was given a task to create a blog about social media. Once I had just got started in this I was taken to the BBC Scotland Radio studios (the above selfie was taken just outside the studios) since Gary was on the radio talking about website online reviews so I got to sit in, and see how all of that works!   After that we went back to the office and I continued work on my blog and started work on a few other things. I also presented to the team using Prezi, and gave them all an introduction to me!

When I came back the next day I finished work on my blog, then I started another piece of work on how some Scottish football teams use social media and I looked into how well their websites worked on mobile phones (not just on computers).  I rated them to see who was the best!  After the whole team had lunch, Sean showed me what he does and explained the process of how a website is created.

On Thursday when I came in I worked some more on the Football project and then helped Gary with some client research. On Friday I began writing this blog post and finished the Football project.

I have found working with NSDesign to be really interesting.  I’ve a better understanding of how the business works and what they will typically have to do in a week.  I like how at lunch and at the “4 o’clock choc” everyone can be talking and having banter but as soon they are back in the office they start working again.

I have learnt a lot during my week. I have learnt what it is really like to work in an office, what it is like to travel to work and work the normal 9-5 hours rather than stepping out my front door and to be working on the milk run at 4 in the morning or 10 meters out my back door and I’m working on the farm. I have really enjoyed working in an office as unlike school, I don’t have to ask to go to the toilet or go get a drink. I have also liked working with NSDesign because everyone in the team is so nice and helped answer whatever questions I had with no one looking down on me just because I am on work experience.

Another thing about working in an office I like is working on a computer.  This is great since I am dyslexic and struggle with my spelling and handwriting so I don’t have to focus on them, when writing I can just write it and correct it later.

This was my week with NS Design. By Nairn Brown (Aged 15, a student from Largs Academy).

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