Will high-resolution screens influence web design?

Web address barThe way a website looks is of paramount importance to any web designer, but the introduction of high resolution screens has caused web design professionals several issues in the area of appearance over the last few months – predominantly due to blurry upscaled images.

Instapaper creator Marco Arment recently stated that if you’re a web designer, “you really, really need to get a Retina MacBook Pro so you can see how bad your site looks on it, and fix it.” Arment’s comment draws attention to one of the rising debates in the current industry – whether high-res displays will soon become the norm, and the effect that this will have on web design.

Although high-res screens are currently only used on a major scale in Apple products, such as the iPad and Macbook, Arment is adamant that high-res screens will become commonplace. “Even though it’s a small market today … it’s inevitably going to increase substantially in the future. Don’t you want to get ahead of that? Do you want your site to be ready the first time someone views it on a retina screen, or are you okay with it looking like garbage for a few years until you happen to buy high-DPI hardware?”

The case for the relationship between web design and high-res screens is still open for debate, but popular opinion seems to follow Arment’s conviction. What do you think – will you be preparing your pages? What effect do you think high-res displays will have on the future of web design?

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