Will Foursquare introduce photos?

Popular social networking site Foursquare is working on a ‘hot new app’ according to its co-founder Dennis Crowley. Although it is not the anticipated version 3.0, it should include some pretty major updates for Foursquare. Industry watchers are pretty confident this upgrade will include the ability to add photos to check-ins.
There has been talk of Foursquare adding this functionality since the beginning of the year, and now seems an ideal time, with new kid on the block Instagram gaining 1 million users in its first two months. Foursquare has 4 million after a year and a half. The difference – Instagram allows you to post photos rather than check-in.
Crowley refuses to confirm that the update is photo-centric, although has made guarded comments via Twitter which appear to back up the rumours. There’s also strong evidence that including a visual element on a social media site helps accelerate growth, as seen with both Facebook and Twitter’s Twitpic.
So how will this photographic evidence affect your business on Foursquare? Well, assuming your establishment is generally presentable, it can only be a good thing. People believe what they see more often than what they read; so, if presented with an attractive photograph of your business, perhaps with someone they know looking pleased to be there, then that’s a pretty powerful sales pitch.
Combine this with the existing functionality of Foursquare – the social advertising, the discounts, the geographical targeting – and you’ve got a pretty powerful tool for social marketing; a mobile app which provides the opportunity to show and tell everything that’s good about your business to those who want to see and listen.
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