Why you should get on Google+

Google+ logoThis week’s discussion theme on our Facebook and Twitter pages is ‘Google: not just a search engine’. Why? Because it’s also the world’s second largest social network with 318 million users. We’re talking of course about Google+, which has gained traction after a slow start. If your business doesn’t yet have a presence on Google+, here are two reasons why it should sign up:

1)    Circles

Google+ allows users to segment connections based on self-chosen clusters—aka, “Circles.” For professional means, you can go beyond the typical “Friends” and “Family” groups and create circles tailored to specific business needs. Connections in your “Employees” circle can receive different content to those in your “Clients” circle. You can also join others’ circles that are relevant to your business needs via the coveted +1 (Google’s version of a Facebook “Like”).

2)    Authorship

The Authorship feature integrates your Google+ profile with your company blog, as well as any where your work appears as a guest author. Authorship allows you to appear as a thought leader in your professional sphere, featuring your Google+ headshot alongside a description of your work within search results. It’s also Google’s way of confirming authorship authority across the Web; in other words, the search engine giant is moving towards a system of identifying authors of specific pieces of content in order to return quality search results to user’s queries. The more authoritative you are as an author, the more visibility you can expect for your content.

To find out more about how you can make best use of social networking for your business, you can sign up for our Embrace the Space social media training masterclasses.