Why you need to test your email subject lines

Email subjectOur week of discussing email subject lines is drawing to a close, so we thought we’d conclude with the case for measuring the results of your email subject lines.

How do you run a subject line test?

Most modern email marketing software comes with the capability to test more than one subject line for a specific email marketing campaign. This is called A/B testing, or split testing. The usual way in which this works is to create an ‘A’ and ‘B’ version of your campaign, with the same body content but a different subject line.

You would normally send the test emails to a designated (but randomised) selection of your database – perhaps 20%. In other words, 10% of your contacts would receive email A; 10% would receive email B, and the remaining 80% would receive the winning version. How you define the winner is up to you: it may be based on the highest open rate, or the best click through rate (i.e. the highest proportion of people to click on links within the body content).

Why bother?

Quite simply, because taking the time to test and measure the effectiveness of your email subject line can boost your conversion rates by 19%!

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