Why the creepy side of Facebook is great news for your business

Optimise your Facebook business pageFacebook is a powerful tool, but it has several features that the general public might find pretty creepy if they realised the extent of it. However, there’s nothing for you to be afraid of as a business: it’s actually great news from your perspective!

This article gives you some practical tips on embracing the creepy side of social media.

1) Badges for businesses that never sleep

Have you been on Facebook Messenger recently and noticed it tells you when someone in your network was last active on the platform? It’s ever so slightly stalkerish, but it can be beneficial for businesses as it lets fellow users know if you’re online and available to talk.

Plus, respond to your messages within 15 minutes and maintain a response rate of at least 90%, and you’ll win a “very responsive” badge for your business page. This is an easy way to stand head-and-shoulders above the competition and prove to customers that you care about what they have to say.

2) Location tracking to make sales

Given that 96% of Facebook users access the platform via their mobile devices, it should come as no surprise that the social network keeps tabs on its users’ movements.

While this may strike the average user as somewhat creepy, it’s fantastic news for businesses who sell products and services in specific locations. You can set up  Facebook Ads to build a target audience and then show the ads to users who match those characteristics and include links to a relevant location.

For example, if you have a nail salon in Glasgow and most of your clientele are young females, you can tell Facebook Ads that you want to show your ad to women aged between 18 and 25 who live or work in the city.

If you want to be even more specific, you can even target users by behaviour: such as people who’ve recently spent money on beauty products and services. How does Facebook know all this? It scours the profile information provided by users, including information shared with apps installed on the platform, and their interactions on Messenger and Instagram (which is also owned by Facebook).

3) Plain old stalking

As a business advertiser, you can add a piece of tracking code called a pixel to your website. This will follow users on Facebook who have engaged with your site in particular ways. There are a whopping 17 actions the pixel can track, including when someone makes a purchase, completes a form, enters payment information, views a particular page, and more. Your ads can then find these people on Facebook and encourage them to return to your site and complete a purchase. This is known as remarketing.

To put the cherry on top, you can also create ‘lookalike audiences’ of Facebook users who share characteristics with the users who have already engaged with your business. This is a terrific way to broaden your reach while staying focused on the kind of user that is likely to convert.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the creepy side of Facebook and start using its highly sophisticated targeting technology to boost your sales!

If you need a hand getting started, book yourself onto the next Embrace the Space course. We’ll transform you into a social media pro in no time!

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