Why quality of posts matters more than quantity on social media

It’s no understatement to say that social media might just be the most powerful marketing tool out there. With 4.65 billion social media users globally, the world spends a collective 10 billion hours scrolling, liking and sharing each day! 

However, a limited amount of that time is spent genuinely engaging with and enjoying content. From a business perspective, you need to ensure what you’re posting is of high quality and connects with your audience. A constant deluge of repetitive adverts and promotions isn’t the way to go!

To help maximise engagement with your business’ social media content, we’re highlighting why the quality of your posts should always be your focus. 

Making a meaningful connection

The number of posts you share each day doesn’t matter if your audience rarely cares about what you put on their feed. Even if you’re satisfied with what you’re sharing, it’s no good to continue bombarding followers with a high number of posts that don’t interest them. If anything, this approach can just lead to potential customers unfollowing your business en masse!

To make posts that really connect with people, set an objective – and stick to it. For example, are your posts meant to inspire, amuse, or make customers nostalgic? Whatever your goal, decide on a message or mood and create posts around that. 

Remember, you don’t need to always go for a hard sell, as this method is unlikely to boost engagement. Instead, engage with your audience by using polls, asking questions, or even livestreaming. This can help you genuinely connect with customers in a memorable and relatable way. Posts with plenty of likes and comments will also go a long way towards getting your business noticed!

Consider algorithms 

The world of social media is vast, making it tough to connect with audiences – and algorithms only complicate things! However, by focussing on quality over quantity, you’ll find it easier to make posts that algorithms will favour. 

Although they’re ever-changing, the algorithms on major social media sites prefer high-quality posts over constant, low-effort, repetitive ones. Posts with in-depth, thoughtful captions get priority on many platforms, too. 

Is there a magic number?

People often ask us to put a number on how many posts a business should publish each day or week. You’ll see a variety of different answers for this online, but our simple answer is “no – there’s no magic number”. 

Some sources will tell you that 15 tweets a day is the key to success – but that’s no good if the posts aren’t interesting your audience! The best way to find the right frequency is by checking your analytics, which show what posts your followers tend to engage with. This will give you a good insight into the type of content your audience enjoys, and which posts they choose to overlook. 

We hope this blog has helped you understand the value of the quality of posts on social media! For more tips on creating a social media strategy that works for your business, contact our digital marketing experts today!

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