Why people will unlike your Facebook page

Social media broadcastingA new survey from PromotionalCodes has revealed that Facebook users who spend most of their time ‘bragging’ are most likely to be unfriended. In fact, a staggering 68% of users have deleted contacts from their timeline for being too boastful! Other pet peeves revealed in the survey included posting status updates too frequently and the excessive use of bad language.

Whilst the survey was focused on personal accounts, there are certainly lessons for businesses to learn too. Here are three key takeaways from the study:

1)    Offer variety

As the survey points out, more than half of users will ditch their friends if all of their posts are too self-indulgent. While it’s fine for your brand to post promotional statuses from time to time, try offering a range of different content to avoid boring your audience and looking boastful.

2)    Don’t post too often

It’s important to keep your Facebook page active – particularly as Google is starting to take increasing notice of social signals – but there is such a thing as ‘over posting’. Only post when you have something genuinely interesting or useful to say, and try not to post more than a couple of times a day.

3)    Keep it professional

It should go without saying, but inappropriate language has no place on your brand’s Facebook page! Keep your posts perky but professional, and maintain a positive tone and language to ensure no offence is taken.

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