Why an online store beats a physical shop

Internet Online ShoppingThe average working day is getting longer, leaving British consumers less free time for other activities like shopping. This also means your customers are less likely to be trying to shop in your store during normal trading hours.

Obviously you could try opening your trading premises around the clock and employing additional staff to support your new regime. However this approach is expensive, eats into company profits and is unlikely to be as successful as you hope.

Easier, and much more cost effective, is to implement a proper ecommerce website, with good design and functionality. Using this approach your business allows customers to order goods directly from your website at whatever time of the day or night is convenient to them.

Better still, aside from the investment in an ecommerce website that hooks into your stock database, there is little additional outlay required. You will not require any additional staff to keep the online store open as almost everything is automated – the worst that may happen is you will need new employees to help pick and pack online orders! (Although even this can be outsourced if you choose.)

The online store approach will also help deal with other issues like international time zones – your shop is always open whether there is anyone behind the counter or not. Your business really is open all hours.

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