Why 61% of your customers will abandon your mobile website

Young Man with cell phone walkingHave you optimised your website for mobile users? If not, a new infographic from DemandForce and Column Five has shown the many ways that your business could be losing out.

According to the infographic, as of 2012 mobile traffic now accounts for 10% of mobile use of all internet usage around the globe, but 90% of websites are still not ready to be optimised. The following statistics therefore don’t come as a huge surprise:

  • 61% of users will leave quickly if websites are not optimised properly for mobile devices
  • 48% feel frustrated and annoyed when they visit non mobile-friendly site
  • 48% say that when sites don’t work well on their smartphones, it makes them feel like the companies don’t care about their custom
  • 67% are more likely to buy from mobile friendly sites
  • 52% of those who have had bad mobile experiences are less likely to engage with the companies at fault

If you want to avoid the negative statistics and reap the benefits of the positive ones, you need to get working on your mobile options right away. Fortunately, the infographic also reveals customer priorities when it comes to the interface.

  • 69% want bigger buttons that are easier to press
  • 78% want swift navigation to desired information (1-2 clicks) 
  • 76% want a better smartphone screen fit 
  • 74% want a clean and efficient look and feel
  • 73% want an easy ability to save information on the site for future reference

So now you know what to include on your mobile website, it’s time to get cracking. As the infographic says, you snooze, you lose!

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