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Jessica Ennis wants to win a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

That’s her goal and I’m convinced she’ll achieve it.

What’s interesting is the work she’s doing right now in order to make sure she does.

We’ve had some insight into her regime these last few days because she’s given some interviews to promote the event.

Alongside all the gruelling training sessions and careful diet she sticks to, what’s fascinating me is her mental preparation.

There’s still more than a year to go until that heptathlon gets underway but even now, Ennis is being incredibly disciplined in her thinking

In an interview with The Guardian she revealed she hasn’t let herself picture the stadium yet, but “probably will next year but not until the latter stages before the competition”.  Note how specific she’s being about this – she’s actually decided when she’ll allow herself to start thinking about it.  There’s a level of detail and a commitment to the decisions she’s made which puts her apart from most of us.

She also made it clear that despite the attention and comments she gets in the street, from the media and even her fiancée at home she firmly keeps her focus. “I do not think about it” she says.

I’ve never sat in front of a life coach but I’ve thumbed through enough books in Waterstones to know that “positive thinking”, “visualisation” and “goal setting” can be big parts of achieving success in sport, business and life in general.

But that interview with Jessica Ennis really hammers home the discipline required in your thinking to get what you want, even months in advance of a particular event.

Without turning ourselves into machines, there’s a lot we can learn from her and her Team GB colleagues.


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