Website investment most important factor for e-commerce

eConsultancy’s Marketing Budgets 2012 report has revealed that 59% of senior decision makers at some of the top global retail brands are planning to focus their marketing budgets on their websites – despite the rise in popularity of other online mediums, such as mobile web and social media.

The reasoning behind the decision is that the majority of purchases are still made on the website itself. Only 5% of companies featured in the report say that they have received transactions on their social sites, and 74% of participants said that they were using social media to increase their visibility, rather than drive sales, so it is understandable that only 22% are primarily investing in their social offerings.

However, the lack of mobile development is surprising, as it is a medium that can enable purchases, and has been going from strength to strength in recent months. Surprisingly, eConsultancy estimate that users spend 7% of their time on mobile devices, but businesses are still only investing 0.5% of their overall budgets into mobile advertising – highlighting a striking difference between company and consumer in terms of investment in the medium.

What is your take on eConsultancy’s findings? Where will you be attributing your marketing budget over the next twelve months?

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