Website artwork – how important is it?

Paint representing website artworkYou’ve heard it said before that your company’s website is your digital shop front. For that reason, consistent branding across all channels is essential. Put simply, this means creating a seamless visual experience that aligns your website with your other, offline marketing materials.

When commissioning a new website, your designer will generally ask to see your existing logo and colour schemes for precisely this reason. After seeking professional advice, many businesses take the opportunity to complete a rebranding exercise to give them a new, updated image. Occasionally your designer may advise that existing artwork is unsuitable for use on the web and suggest alternatives that will work online.

For retailers moving into ecommerce, the images of your products displayed online are of huge importance. Higher quality images help your customers (a) get a better idea of the product helping them to make an informed purchasing decision and (b) receive a better overall impression of your business – better quality pictures mentally equates to a better quality seller.

Helping customers make the right purchasing decision is vital – if the customer buys a product but later feels the image used to sell it was misleading, they will never use your business again. Your business will also bear additional costs associated with product returns, postage and restocking. If poor imagery is to blame, your operational costs are being increased without good reason.

When designing a new site, artwork is an important consideration – make the investment in high quality imagery and graphics, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.

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