Diary of a Modern Apprentice (Now a Media Sensation!)

So…. 5 months have flown by here at NSDesign! Where has the time actually gone! So much has happened in this time! I’ve passed my driving test (first time may I add), I’ve visited QA Apprenticeship’s training building, had some professional photos taken, held my first solo client meeting, written an article for Scottish Apprenticeship Week in association with Skills Development Scotland, been featured in the Paisley Gazette and Paisley Daily Express, ran my first ever 10K as part of the NSDesign’s fundraising campaign for Funding Neuro: “The NSDesign BIG Run” and so much more… Where do I even start?

As the time goes on, I’m beginning to believe the phrase that “Time flies when you’re having fun”. It’s true…  As much as I loved school, the time seemed to pass very slowly. First to third year was a breeze but from fourth year onwards, each day felt like watching a season of 24 in one day… long and boring. Sorry Kenny! Working with the guys here however is very much different! Each day flies in. Whether that is because my caffeine intake has upped due to the various cups of coffee that are made throughout the day or the fact that I enjoy my days here – I’ll never know! In all seriousness however, I love how things are going and to be quite honest … I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve had a motto for years that “Things always sort themselves out” – and I’ve always said it, through the hardest times. For me, whether its truth or fate… It’s never let me down. I’ve been lucky to secure an excellent job with a bunch of wonderful people! I’ve picked up some good habits – I’ve started training for the 10K’s as have “most” of the other guys! I’ve pushed myself to run for miles! In January I could hardly run for ten minutes let alone an hour! On Saturday (17th May), I completed my first ever 10K within 58mins and 24secs – so that was something to smile about!

10325314_10152224548104775_832011172548761436_nBy the way, if you fancy supporting us in our bid to raise funds for the wonderful charity that is Funding Neuro, you can read more about our campaign and donate at:


So in that respect, it’s not all about what I’ve picked up in terms of technical knowledge – I can now run for miles!

Speaking of miles, I’m now a holder of a driving license so if you see a black Vauxhall Corsa coming towards you, drive the opposite way for your own safety! I’m joking of course! I managed to pass my driving test in March from my 1st attempt – I couldn’t help but mention it! Up there with the proud moments of my life so far!

Back to the script however, I have been brushing up on my technical skills – I’ve been playing about with JavaScript and bits and bobs of HTML and CSS. I’ve been looking at media queries recently as part of Responsive Design. Before I know it, It’ll be August and I’ll be off to QA for my “Databases and MySQL” course – which I am very much looking forward to!

This week however, is Scottish Apprenticeships week, so I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the article that I wrote for Skills Development Scotland. I was initially given a brief that required a piece of writing of my choice which was to be around 400 words – suffice to say I smashed that with 1000 words and the end product had to be cut down. Oops! However, it’s finally here and you can check it out here:



Here’s a snippet of what’s coming up for me in the next wee while:

30th May – Embrace the Space –  To secure YOUR place, visit www.embracethespace.co.uk

15th June – Team NSDesign run the Men’s Health 10K www.Justgiving.com/nsdesignbigrun

18th August – Database and SQL Course – My next 2 week course as part of the Modern Apprenticeship

So lots happening in the busy life of an apprentice! No complaints and no regrets. 

Here’s to the future!

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