Ways to measure your social media presence

You may already be aware that your business needs to have a social media strategy in place. Anyone can set up a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn company page etc. and start posting regular updates, but when it comes to measuring the impact of all your hard work, it’s not quite so easy! Fortunately, there are tools available that allow you to measure three key areas of social media success: your influence, your analytics, and the public perception of your brand.


Klout is probably the best known social media influence software. It gives you a Klout score which determines how influential your posts are, and provides basic graphs to show you how it got to that figure, based on factors such as your amplification probability, the size of your network and your overall reach. It also unlocks ‘achievement’ rewards when you reach a certain goal. Rumour has it there are even social clubs in New York that include a minimum Klout score in their membership criteria!


There are plenty of social media tools on the market which provide you with analytics for your social media efforts, with graphs and figures generally based around your impressions, total reach and engagement levels. Popular options include Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Crowdbooster – some of which include features that offer suggestions of the best ways to take action and boost key metrics.

Brand perception

This type of software enables you to gauge the public perfection of your brand. Usually focused around fast moving sites like Twitter, brand perception software such as Tweetlevel and Tweetbeep helps you to identify popular topics, influential tweeters, and vital conversations, and then measure the buzz that exists around your own brand.