Video: A powerful addition to your online marketing strategy

Who doesn’t spend time on YouTube? In January, YouTube surpassed 4 billion views a day: a statistic that underlines the potential of using video as part of a corporate online content strategy.

Many different types of companies can use video as a medium for getting their message across. Their clips can be broadcast both on YouTube and on the company’s own website.

In general, videos are used for marketing in three different ways:

•    Informative video – this can be used either to introduce your company or to feature individual products and services that you offer. Video testimonials from your customers can also be a powerful way to promote the benefits of your product or service.

•    How-to video – this is very useful for businesses that sell products. Instructional videos can give your customers real added value to your products and make you stand out over your competition.

•     Entertainment video – Not suitable for every video, but entertaining videos have the real potential to go viral and can introduce a company to a much bigger market than they could normally reach. The T-Mobile flash mob campaign  is just one outstanding example with over 33 million views for a single video!

Video does take more effort to produce than a quickly-written news article, but it can generate substantially more impact and does not have to be outrageously expensive. Many people have good quality camcorders that can be used to produce perfectly acceptable quality; in the right circumstances even phone-produced video can be effective. At the very least, it is certainly worth considering whether your business can use video to give you a competitive edge.

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