Typography and website design

Words representing typographyEven though there has been an explosion in online multimedia, such as videos and interactive graphics, it is still the copy on your website that matters most from a search engine optimisation point of view.

Search technology is not yet sophisticated enough to study graphics and video in the way that it can currently understand text. That’s probably why around 95% of the information on the web is still written in words.

The text on your site plays an important part in ensuring people find your website through search engines. It is also crucial to the user experience.

More than words

As well as having the “right” words appearing within your copy, you also need to use the best font to present them. Some fonts are naturally easier to read than others – an important consideration when trying to communicate information quickly. Historically designers chose “sans serif” fonts like Arial because they display more clearly on screen. This is doubly important when considering how your site may be used and read by partially sighted users.

Your choice of font also plays an important part in establishing your brand image. Research suggests that web users infer different messages and meanings to the fonts used – a powerful tool when trying to establish credibility for your business. By the same token, some fonts carry negative connotations, like Comic Sans.

Whatever font you choose, make sure your message is enticing and you provide a clear call to action for your potential customers.

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