Two thirds of top retailers failing to optimise emails for mobile

iStock_000020113924XSmallHitting the Mark: Email Intelligence Report 2013/14, a new report from dotMailer, has revealed that two thirds of the UK’s top online retailers are creating email campaigns that are not fully optimised for mobile. The research, which considered messages from 60 top retailers – 30 from the UK and 30 from the US – showed that the problem is even more significant in America, with three quarters failing to optimise.

The selected marketing emails were scored on a range of criteria, including sharability, design, rendering and ease of use. Other errors highlighted by the report included:

  • Subject lines and copy being too formulaic and repetitive
  • Brands not integrating email and social media at the most obvious times
  • Data capture being too complex – one brand’s sign up process had 17 obligatory clicks!

“Interestingly, the US and UK are markedly similar in what they get right and what could be done better,” Tink Taylor, managing director of dotMailer, explained. “The scores for mobile were a surprise, particularly as a third of all email is now read on a mobile device. Optimisation for mobiles is becoming less of a bonus and more of a requirement for today’s marketers.”

The key takeaways from this report are therefore for brands to focus on usability, simplicity, and of course, optimisation. Not optimising means could potentially mean alienating 30% of your audience, so focus on creating marketing emails that are engaging, useful, and suitable for any device.

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