Twitter search added to Firefox 8

The new version of Firefox has just been made available for download – and it includes Twitter search navigation.

The latest version of the popular browser, which is made by Mozilla, was posted to its FTP servers last week a few days ahead of its official release.
Firefox 8 is available for PC, Mac and Linux computers.

The most notable development to this latest version of Firefox is that it lets users search Twitter directly. Users can search the microblogging site by selecting it as an option in a drop-down search box or alternatively by highlighting some on-screen text, right-clicking and selecting ‘search Twitter’.

Firefox users can search Twitter for people, hashtags and topics.

The new version of Firefox also disables all third-party add-ons in a bid to offer extra security. Should users want to enable third-party add-ons, they can do this manually.

Tab loading is also different in Firefox 8. When a user selects ‘show my windows and tabs from last time’ as the default start page, instead of trying to open every tab at the same time when the browser starts, it simply loads the one currently selected by the user and then loads the others when the user switches to them.

Other improvements include changing the animation when tabs are re-ordered or detached.

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox around every six weeks, earning them a reputation for rapid-fire web development.

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