Top Gear up for rent on Facebook

Fans of the popular motoring show Top Gear will now be able to watch some of their favourite episodes of the programme on Facebook.

BBC Worldwide, which owns the rights to the programme, announced this week (22nd August) that users will be able to rent full episodes of Top Gear through the social networking site.

Fans will pay for their episode rentals using the Facebook credits currency system.

Users will need to become a fan of the Top Gear page first. After they do this, they will be able to choose episodes to view before streaming the content online.

They will have 48 hours to view each episode after paying and will not even have to leave the Facebook site to watch them.

Not all episodes of the hit show will be available on the social media site, however.

BBC Worldwide is planning to stagger the availability of select episodes.

The ‘Polar Special’ will show this week, the ‘US Road Trip’ will go live next week and the ‘Vietnam Road Trip’ episode will be available to view from 4 September.

Fans living in Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand will be able to access the shows.

Each show will cost 15 Facebook credits to rent – equal to 94p each.

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