Tips for choosing a domain name

http AddressThe internet is now an essential part of everyday modern living – which is why every business, enterprise or even personal project needs an online presence. If you’re considering making a webpage for your company, no matter what it is for, one of the first things you will need a good domain name. Here are some tips to help you choose a memorable moniker:

•   Get inspired! You can use anything from a standard dictionary to the cereal boxes in your cupboard to come up with possibilities. Take pertinent words and see what works together, or abbreviate or combine them. You might be surprised where your idea eventually comes from.

•    Stay relevant – if your domain is for business use, it’s best to keep the name as close to the company name as possible, as this will make it simpler to relay to potential clients (and easier for them to remember!)

•    Use an online system that will allow you to see if your chosen name is already taken – why not try the NS Design domain checker?

•    Consider buying a second hand domain. Although it may seem like all of the good options have been snapped up, domain name collectors will often sell off old addresses that are no longer in use. This can be particularly beneficial for Google rankings – the search engine will think that your site is more reputable than one created a week ago.

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