The way Teenagers use Social Media

Many businesses are keen to use social media to engage with a younger audience. To have any sort of success in doing this – you’ve got to really understand that audience inside out – and use the right social media channels in a way that reflects their usage.  How often do you actually speak to your target audience, and ask them things?

So how do teenagers use social media? We’ve got Nairn Brown, a 4th year student, in with us this week for work experience – a great opportunity to simply ask him to tell us in his own words.

teenagers on social
There are lots of different ways that Teenagers use Social Media but the 3 most typical ways are:

1. On Facebook they post and share everything they find remotely funny and change their profile picture to every picture of them they have taken. Every post on Instagram is their last meal or the sunset every night. I think people using social media this way do it because they want to be “the first” to share the next viral Video so they can be seen to be ahead of everyone else.

2. Then there is the person that only looks through their newsfeed on Facebook, rarely posting anything and only liking the occasional thing that they find funny. On Snapchat all they do is view other people’s stories, never sending any one a picture or putting up their own story. I think people do this because they are scared that they will get Bullied about what they post, but still want to keep an eye on what’s happenning.

3. A lot of people that use Instagram have to put up a photo on Instagram every day or at least once every 48hours! This photo will likely make them out to be having lots of fun with other people or maybe a selfie that has so many filters on it that it doesn’t look anything like them any more! The reason that I think people do this is because they want to convince other people that they are better than they actually are.

Most teenagers and young people use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, and we use these through our smartphones or tablets with an app (more than on a desktop computer).

Maybe more than Facebook itself, more and more we are using Facebook Messenger – using this app to chat and catch up with news and gossip.

By Nairn Brown (Aged 15, a student from Largs Academy)

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