The Value of your own Name – Susan Boyle and cybersquatting!

Susan Boyle is currently enjoying unexpected Global success following her recent appearance on “Britains Got Talent”, with the subsequent media hype help making her into a household name, but NOT on the internet.  Why? – because all of the susanboyle internet domains names were snapped up by cybersquatters, the moment they realised the value in her name (with the exception of the .com – which was already owned by a artist in Texas – I wonder if her spam has increased?).

Many of the sites which were registered in the days following her appearance on the show are branded “fan sites”, but call me cynical – I’m sure they’ll also be fully aware of the potential value such a high profile celebrity name brings with it.  With YouTube now at over 50 MILLION views for the Susan Boyle Clip, it’s easy to see how getting just a small percentage of the current Google searches to your site could bring in some financial gain, not to mention the possibility of Susan herself wanting to buy it from them.

On the 17th April, I emailed Talkback Thames (the production company responsible for Susan’s current fame), and explained:

“…surely you have a responsibility to Susan, to help protect her best interests, and with the knowledge that she was likely to become the subject of media interest (given the show is pre-recorded), I find it difficult to understand why you (acting on her behalf) did not takle measures to ensure the relevant domain names were secured in advance of such public exposure, and therefore protecting her online identity for the future.”
I did received a response, claiming that they “already have domain names secured for them (they are just not active yet)”, however I’ve still to find the domains they are referring to, and in a news article released just 1 week after this, Susan herself is reported to have confirmed she doesn’t actually have an official website.

The issue of celebrity cybersquatting is nothing new, and I use Susan Boyle as a very current example, however, I could easily substitute any “reality TV star” from Britain’s got Talent, or X Factor etc.  The same thing happens every year with Big Brother – the contestant’s names are registered as domain names often within minutes of them being announced on the first live show.  We know – we’ve seen the orders!

So whether you’re destined to be the next overnight global success or not, make sure that you understand the value in your own name, and take steps to protect it online by registering your domain name(s),  or risk exploitation by all your adoring “fans”.

3 Responses to “The Value of your own Name – Susan Boyle and cybersquatting!”

  1. Mandy Boylett

    It is the internet that made Susan Boyle as famous as she is without selling a single record (with the exception of a track on a West Lothian CD 10 years ago). The number of fan sites that have arisen, yes, my own included, perpetuate the free publicity that this lovely lady is receiving. So, why would she mind? Would it really be in her best interests for it to stop?

  2. admin

    I agree – nothing wrong with fan sites at all… and you’re right – they can help make or break a celebrity…. But would you happily hand over the domain name to Susan Boyle’s management company if they came asking you? If yes – then I admire you, but think you’re in the minority compared to the other owners of all the susanboyle domains.. In actual fact, it’s highly likely that even if you said no, and did not hand it over, they’d take it from you easily via Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service. Anyway, my issue is not actually with you… it’s with the production companys that for the sake of a few pounds, could easily register the domain names of their clients in advance of introducing these “stars” to the public. By not doing so, they are simply not acting in their act’s best interests.

  3. admin

    Yet again, looks like Talkback Thames have learned nothing from Susan Boyle.. Poor Joe McElderry (winner of the 2009 X-Factor) has had his name snaffled by the cybersquatters… Now up for sale by a 3rd party who registered it back in August. When will they protect their acts??!!