The untold cost of spelling and grammar mistakes in your marketing

In the world of marketing, there are many elements to consider before publishing your content. From search engine optimisation (SEO) to writing a snappy call to action, marketers often have a lot on their plate! 

It’s understandable to prioritise these aspects of marketing. However, irrespective of what you’re writing or how punchy and put-together it is, accurate spelling and grammar is essential. Even if customers can understand typo-filled marketing materials, they can still damage your brand and sales!

In this blog, we explore the consequences of spelling and grammar mistakes on your business! 

1. Deterring potential customers 

There’s a good chance you’ve spotted spelling or grammar blunders in all manner of marketing content out in the wild. Although these mistakes can be amusing, they may lower your perception of a given brand. 

If you’ve felt this way, you’re not alone! 59% of British customers stated that they wouldn’t trade with a company with obvious grammatical errors on their adverts or websites. That means that sloppy text can significantly affect you winning new customers. Clearly, spelling and grammar mistakes can translate into serious limitations on your business’ profits!

2. Consumers leaving your website

What’s more, a study by Website Planet revealed that sites with several errors had an 85% higher bounce rate than typo-free sites. This means that after seeing a spelling or grammar mistake on your site, many customers will head for the (proverbial) door right away – regardless of how great your products or services are!

It’s tough to source a number pinpointing exactly how much this kind of error can cost businesses. That said, publishing error-filled marketing materials just isn’t worth the risk.

3. Weakened SEO performance 

We’ve established that spelling and grammar mistakes will deter consumers. In addition, errors can impact your SEO – making it harder for customers to find your business online.

Search engines – notably Google and Bing – tend to favour well-written content while penalising typo-filled copy. Misspelled keywords can also confuse the algorithm determining your ranking, making it much harder to rank in the searches that should lead to your business.


We hope this blog has reminded you of the importance of being thorough before publishing anything. For polished and professional marketing materials, it’s worth spending some additional time and money to ensure they’re error-free. In most cases, a simple proofread will pick up mistakes, saving your business any embarrassment. This will help the overall image of your business and prevent you from scaring off existing and potential customers with slap-dash copy.

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