The power of podcasts for small businesses

The power of podcasts for small businesses

Podcasts have grown in popularity from a relatively niche form of content into something that many of us tune into on a regular basis. From footballers like Peter Crouch, comedians such as Alan Carr, and business consultants like our very own Colin Kelly, the range and number of podcasts mean you can find one on almost any subject!

The power of podcasts is gaining pace. In 2020, they reached an estimated 15.6 million listeners in the UK alone – with one in three people aged 26-35 listening every week (

This blog looks at why you should consider a podcast for your business and how to make it successful.

Why consider a podcast?

Every business has a story to tell and podcasting is a powerful way to tell it! A podcast gives listeners a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your business, helps reinforce your values, and can turn listeners into loyal brand advocates.

They can also be a welcome alternative from the sea of written content on the web, and offer a more personal touch in the absence of face-to-face communication!

Here are some reasons why a podcast could benefit your business:

1) Reach

A successful podcast could allow your business to attract new customers from anywhere in the world, through existing podcast directories like iTunes, Podbean and SoundCloud.

Podcasts are also a convenient form of content to consume; listeners can subscribe to them, and download and play episodes whenever they like!

2) Low cost

Despite some upfront expenditure on audio hardware (e.g. headphones and digital recorders) and software (e.g. Audacity), podcasts are pretty cheap to produce!

You can even create them for free – using an app like Anchor and nothing more than your mobile phone.

3) Build credibility

Podcasts can be of real value to the listener. They often include tips, advice, and insights that people can take away and use in their own lives and businesses.

Having interviews with guests from your field will boost your credibility and the authority of your podcast. Your audience is likely to enjoy hearing from a variety of speakers and podcast guests can also expose you to new audiences.

4) Educate your audience

Podcasts are a great forum for addressing any frequently-asked-questions you get from your customers in a more personal and detailed way that you might be able to do on your website’s FAQ page.

How do I create a podcast?

So, you think a podcast could work for your business – what’s next? The key to leveraging the power of podcasts is having a purpose and a business goal you’re trying to achieve. You’ll also need a steady and consistent stream of content.

Other factors to consider for a successful podcast are:

a) Format

How long will your podcast be? What kind of topics will you cover? Will your podcast be a half-hour show that runs once a week, or something a little less frequent? How will it stand out from other podcasts on similar subjects?

b) Voice

What style are you going for? Should your podcast be light-hearted and humorous, or more serious and authoritative?

c) Relevance

A successful podcast needs to be relevant. You want to be seen as an up-to-date and reliable source of information, this means ensuring you keep on top of relevant news, trends, and topics in your sector.

So, with relatively little upfront investment needed and a stack of potential benefits, why not consider the power of podcasts for your business?


For more on podcasts see our ‘Embrace the Space’ book (bonus chapter 2 to be precise)! For in-depth help with your podcast or social media strategy contact us and we’ll be delighted to assist you!

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