Some of the NSDesign team. Colin and Martin were cleaning the boss's car.

We’re thrilled to bits about our 7 RAR* nominations, announced last week. 

Fingers crossed we bring home some silverware** on April 18th and in particular we would love to hang on to our ‘Best Value For Money UK Agency (under 30 staff)’ title.

If we do, it’ll be the 4th year in a row we’ve won it.

The Harry Potter books say 7 is the most powerfully magic number so rather than bigging ourselves up in a press release, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with the number 7 instead.

*Recommended Agency Registrar.
**Actually it’s a nice plaque

7 Things You Didn’t Know About NSDesign

1 Our designer Paul Elliot can run a 10K in under 38 minutes. Our team also includes a golfer that plays off a 1 handicap, a magician and juggler, someone who’s been inside Google’s ‘Googleplex’ headquarters, an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, and a former journalist who once stood in between George Clooney and Bono. And was too nervous to speak to them.

2 In our 15th year in business we’ve now worked with more than 20,000 clients across all our divisions.

3 Our Embrace The Space social media training started as a half hour talk to the local Chamber of Commerce and has now been delivered to more than 3 thousand businesses through a mix of free taster sessions, one to one consultancy and our famous ‘masterclass’ series at Hillington Park Innovation Centre.

4 We’ve been based at Hillington Park Innovation Centre for 7 years, with the exception of a 3 month break following ‘The Great Flood of 2009’. The building suffered serious damage but we managed to relocate to an office in Clydebank. Incredibly, because of our backup systems and use of cloud technology, none of our work was affected and clients didn’t notice any difference.

5 Our current office and our previous 2 office locations occupied were situated on preciely the same line of Latitude. (Weird).

6 Our very first client was Simon Howarth, from Preston, and he’s still with us today! is his site and at our 10th birthday party he made a speech saying he remembers sending an email with a problem after midnight one night and getting a reply from Gary 2 minutes later. Simon reckons that’s really rare in business these days but it’s a level of service we strive to give every client, all the time.

7 We love sport and have worked with Greenock Morton FC, Braehead Clan ice hockey team and Glasgow Rocks basketball. We took part in their annual sponsor’s tournament last year and lost every single game.


7 Tips For Business Success on Social Media

1 Assume everything you say is 100% public.

2 Keep a folder of images on your computer which you can use to liven up your posts.

3 Read every message out loud to yourself or a colleague before sending it.

4 Do more listening than talking.

5 Practice explaining what your business does and what makes it special using as few words as possible.

6 Don’t let it overwhelm you. Find out which networks your potential customers use and concentrate on these.

7 Consider training. Particularly if you have staff.

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