The iPhone 5 already accounts for 3% of mobile web traffic

It’s been less than two months since Apple’s newest mobile offering, the iPhone 5, was released, but new statistics from ad network Chitika have shown that the devices are already contribute up to 3% of all mobile web traffic – beating its nearest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, which accounts for 2% despite its earlier May release.

The research showed that it’s not the just the iPhone that is increasingly dominant – all of Apple’s iOS devices combined account for almost half (46%) of all mobile web traffic, whereas rival Samsung’s line accounts for just 17%, and a culmination of all other smartphone devices make up the remaining 37%.

These stats have a huge relevance for businesses, and not just in terms of the popularity of Apple products. The figures demonstrate the rapid growth of mobile search, and indicate the increasing importance of mobile optimisation for all websites.

An infographic from Microsoft Tag has even gone as far as to predict that, by 2014, mobile internet will actually overtake desktop internet usage – so in order to reach the majority of internet users, companies will need to ensure that their website looks just as good on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop screen.