The ins and outs of infographics

iStock_000001308126XSmall (2)When creating a new business website you face a dilemma. Search engine visibility relies on having plenty of interesting copy on your website, but at the same time visitors are put off by huge chunks of complex text.

So what do you do if your business operates in a particularly complex industry and needs to communicate lots of information quickly and easily?

Introducing the infographic

The use of graphics can be a powerful tool for sharing information on your website – they’re also very well suited to social media campaigns, because visual content tends to be more engaging than text-only content.

An infographic is a type of visual media that combines powerful imagery with useful text to communicate key concepts or data in such a way that your website visitors can absorb it all within seconds.

A well-designed infographic, just like a blog post or article, tells a story. By guiding your visitor through the image, you can deliver the information they are looking for and prompt them to make the next stage – hopefully a sales enquiry.

The secondary value of infographics

The visual appeal of a well-designed infographic also makes it highly shareable. If the information contained in the image is particularly useful, your website visitors will want to share it with their contacts.

This sharing helps to spread your brand name and establishes your position as an authority within your industry. This sort of positive PR will, in the long term, more than repay your investment in researching and designing a high quality infographic for your website.

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