The importance of fonts for your new website

Alphabet letters representing website fontsWhen designing a new company website, every aspect of the appearance plays a part in its success. Therefore it’s unsurprising that your choice of font will play a large part in defining your users’ experience. Here are a few questions to ask when you’re choosing fonts for your new website:

Is it legible?

Some fonts, particularly cursive lettering, can be quite difficult to read at the best of times. Because it takes more effort to read a ‘joined up’ font, your website visitors will have to work harder to extract the information they need. Many may be tempted to give up however, and click off to visit one of your competitor’s sites instead.

Is it big enough?

The text on your webpage needs to be large enough so that letters are distinct, and can be read easily. Just as the wrong choice of font face could affect site success, so too could fonts that are too small to be read comfortably. Remember that your site is likely to be accessed on a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets to PCs. Consider using responsive design so your content displays well on each of these devices.

Is it appropriate?

Believe it or not, there are ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ font faces which affect the way that readers react to text. If your business sells men’s fashion for instance, choosing a flowery script may send out mixed messages to website visitors. Carefully consider your target audience, and factor website design around their demands.

No matter how many graphics your website uses, text comprises up to 95% of the visual content. The choice of font used is therefore much more important than many people realise.

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