The impact of 4G on m-commerce

4G Symbol4G mobile internet was introduced to the UK mobile market by Everything Everywhere (EE), the amalgamation of Orange and T-Mobile, on 30 October 2012, and is now currently available in a total of 27 town and cities around the country. However, whilst only 45% of the UK population currently has access to 4G, a new infographic from eBay has predicted that it will have a huge impact on m-commerce over the coming months.

According to eBay’s research, an item is bought through a mobile device every single second. 55% more Brits are shopping through mobile devices in 2013 than they were in 2012, and eBay predicts that 4G will increase UK mobile retail by a staggering £1.8 billion over the next twelve months.

4G is helping consumers to utilise m-commerce in a number of different ways. Previously, 49.6% of consumers were frustrated by the reliability of their mobile internet service, and 50.3% were frustrated by its speed. 4G breaks down these barriers and enables a more consistent, efficient shopping experience – but only when the site is prepared for this sort of viewing.

The advancements in 4G technology mean that the blame game has to end: slow mobile internet can no longer be the cause of a shoddy browsing experience, so it is essential that any business intended to sell products or services online has an offering that is designed to cater for this increase in mobile traffic – either by using a standalone app, a website developed specifically for mobile or a responsive web design which can adapt between platforms.

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