The Future of TV, social media… and your business!

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3D TV, HD TV, Facebook, Twitter, A captive audience for social media… and your business

Colin Kelly

Welcome to my first blog here with the gang at NSDesign and big thanks to Gary for encouraging me to share my thoughts on how the latest gadgets and technology can help you get results for your business.

I’ve known Gary for a few years and first met him when he invited my wife and I along to a Glasgow Rocks basketball match where his company were sponsors.

I’d no idea what he looked like but as we walked into the venue I recognised him immediately because he was clad from head to toe in his own NSDesign branded merchandise.

Naively, my first thought was “what a nice guy going to all that effort so I’d be able to spot him right away.”

Now of course I realise he ALWAYS dresses like that and it’s got more to do with his astute marketing skills than his desire to make life easier for those around him!

But I’m delighted to be on board with this blog and thought I’d use my first post to talk about something that’s been on Gary’s mind recently and sooner or later, it’s something you’ll have to think about too.


I’m getting asked this A LOT. Is 2011 going to be the year a 3D television becomes the essential item in our living room?

You’ve probably noticed the big marketing push and the price is slowly but surely coming down.  So if you’re in the position Gary found himself in just before Christmas where a 3 year old HD telly breaks down, should you invest more than a thousand pounds in a 3D piece of kit?

My answer is NO.  And here’s why…

I’m convinced the future is full on integration between the programme you’re watching and social media. We’ve seen it with X Factor where thousands of people watch the live show and Tweet and Facebook opinions (and often insults!) about the contestants and judges.

We’ve heard how Simon Cowell has brought back the halcyon days of “event viewing” where the whole family sits down, at the same time, and watches a big show.

Now social media takes it even further and suddenly we’re connected not just to the people watching with us in the living room but our wider circle of family and friends and increasingly, on-line associates we’ve maybe never met in the “real world”.

It’s even happening with David Dimbleby and Question Time where producers send out the topics and questions while the show’s being recorded and the on-line community debates the issues using the #bbcqt tag. The production team scan those messages and can use the best ones in the programme meaning even a show that isn’t live can still be interactive.

The Future of TV? - pic from Flickr user LGEPR used under Creative Commons Licence
The level of debate has become as intelligent as the programme itself and proves that Twitter is a forum for serious discussion and ideas instead of meaningless drivel.

Give it a couple of years and instead of bashing away at a smart phone or laptop during your favourite TV show you’ll be doing it on the main TV screen itself.

Internet enabled televisions are already here and I predict they’ll triumph where 3D falls flat.

So where are the opportunities for your business as this comes to fruition?  I believe there’ll be many…if you’re sharp enough to grab them.

If you’re new to social media it’s worth spending some time reading other Tweets and noticing what people talk about. Look at the trending topics that generate the most reaction. Narrow it down to within your area. It could be football, a local news story, something on TV, that wait before the gig starts at the SECC or even one of these massive traffic jams that sometimes snarls up the M77 or M80. (Just make sure you’re Tweeting the passenger rather than the driver!)

Your customers are using social media in all these situations and as long as you’re careful about how you do it and remain friendly, fun and relevant, you’ve got a captive audience who’ll engage with you.

And you might be able to turn this into sales or at the very least, build the profile and reputation of your business.

So next time you’re watching something on TV, whether it’s Standard, HD, or even if my prediction’s totally wrong and 3D IS the next big thing..think about your potential customers watching too, and what you can say to them.

Simon Cowell doesn’t have to have ALL the power.

I’d like to hear your feedback on this blog. Am I wrong about 3D TV? Where else can social media find an audience? Does anyone feel time spent on social media has LOST them business? Share your thoughts in “comments” below…

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3 Responses to “The Future of TV, social media… and your business!”

  1. Bob Davidson

    interesting comments Colin. when I go to see a movie in 3d or 2d – i pick 2d – I hate wearing the glasses

    I have heard that they are working on tech’ that will bring 3d into the living room and the cinema without the need for glasses – that could be interesting. Until that time its a gimmick. I have seen 3d demos and sports were pretty cool. But I still didnt like wearing the glasses and your distance & angle to the telly had to be pretty spot on

    as with SD v HD – it depends on the quality of the broadcast – some hd channels / and specific programmes are better than other – and it varies from tv to tv whether it be 720p or 1080p on a LCD / plasma or LED.

    Some movies u struggle to see the difference between SD and HD. Sports again though are sharper

    Bob D
    Chief Exec’
    Renfrewshire Chamber

  2. Adam Finan

    Having just read the reviews from the show in LA, seems 3D TV has a long way to go. Main off put for me is the glasses, so the tech does exist where you dont need them, but guess what, you need to sit in one place, if you move left or right you loose it, maybe we should strap ourselves in to watch!

    Having seen several 3D films at the cinema I’m not convinced, I still know its not real, so the extra depth doesn’t change your conception of where you are, its just a gimmick.

    LED vs CCFL??? or Plasma vs LCD???? Its getting rediculous, Ive just invested in two brand new 27″ DELL High res pro monitors, with, wait, CCFL backlighting, why? Because LED backlighting is no good for monitors, ask anyone about Apples wonderful 27″ Cinema Display to find out why.

    I’m sure the technology will continue to improve, but its years away from perfection. Already there are prototype HD2 units on the go, but……

    Well, as Colin says in his first video, does anyone really want it!