The dangers of email marketing

iStock_000012797049XSmall (2)A new survey from Emailvision has revealed the significant effect that a bad email marketing campaign can have on their perception of a brand. 75% of Emailvision’s respondents said that they would resent a brand after being bombarded by emails, and 71% cited being sent unsolicited emails as a reason to become resentful towards a company.

Consumers also showed a wariness when it came to giving out their personal information. Only 28% of participants said that they would be willing to share their name, 37% would share their age, and 38% their gender. 40% said that they would not share any of their personal details in exchange for better targeted offers, and in the 55 and over category, this number rose to a significant 49%.

Worse still was the opinion on incorrect personalisation – 50% said that listing their name incorrectly would cause them to form a negative perception of the brand, whilst 40% listed incorrect gender as their top email pet peeve, highlighting the perils of using familiarity improperly in an email marketing campaign.

“When a visitor interacts with your online business, they are giving you their data in exchange for a relevant experience with your brand,” Neil Hamilton, Emailvision’s director, explained. “If a business doesn’t choose to make use of this data correctly, they are missing out on important knowledge that could positively or negatively impact business for years to come … It’s imperative that a customer never becomes ‘just a number’, even in a database of millions.”

However, the difficulties of email marketing should be seen as a challenge to overcome in order to reap the rewards, not as a reason to abandon the medium completely. Investing in good email marketing software, for instance, can help your company to manage subscribers and deliver timely, genuinely useful messages to your client base, without any silly mistakes. When conducted with caution, email marketing can be an extremely effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal.