The case for customisation – making your website work the way you do

making your website work the way you doMost businesses are aware that static websites are no longer sufficient – neither your customers nor the search engines (who you rely on to bring new customers to your site) are impressed by unchanging content. And if you intend to sell products via your website, you will need a system that “hooks into” your stock management database to provide shoppers with accurate information.

However an off-the-shelf solution is unlikely to reflect the way your business actually works. Every organisation has its own way of managing stock, submitting orders and invoicing customers (among other things). If your new website design does not reflect that unique workflow, you will find that instead of helping your business become more efficient, staff will actually be less productive as they duplicate effort, manually adjust data between your website and backend systems and make mistakes as they try and juggle the two.

A customised website can be built to interface with your in-house systems and workflows, reducing the risk of lower productivity or costly mistakes. Even if a customised eCommerce website initially costs more than an off-the-shelf alternative, the efficiency savings will more than compensate for the additional outlay.

Any website that needs to sell products or collect customer data should be customised to reflect the specific processes in place at your organisation. Failure to do so is effectively costing your business time and money, rather than helping you become more efficient online.

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