The case for customisation – getting the information you need

Getting the information you needYour company website is designed to help provide would-be buyers with the information they need to make a purchase from you. However, for the best return on your investment, the website should also provide value to your business and employees.

Modern sales and marketing campaigns are driven by data – collecting and analysing data helps your business better understand your customers and their needs. Armed with this information, it then becomes possible to better tailor your products, services and offers to those specific needs, thereby increasing the potential for making a sale.

Collecting and analysing this data effectively means having a system or website capable of capturing the specific metrics your business needs. This could be as simple as a web-based form that collects basic name and address data and saves it to your local customer database, or a much more complicated platform that stores in-depth details of customer preferences.

Custom data collection needs also require custom development if they are to be truly effective and yield the information you need. The investment in such a system will not only help improve sales and marketing effectiveness, but the insights gained could also be applied elsewhere throughout your organisation. Knowing customer preferences should help make customer retention slightly easier, and provide more opportunities to cross or upsell too.

In reality, failing to invest in a custom data collection system could mean your business is missing out on additional revenue streams and opportunities.

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