The Boxing Day e-commerce boom

Online shoppingThe tree may have been taken down and you might be sick of turkey sandwiches, but the now forgotten Christmas period can still teach you some valuable lessons – particularly when it comes to online commerce. New figures from Experian Hitwise have shown that Boxing Day was the busiest ever day for online retail, with UK consumers spending 14m hours online and making 113m visits to e-commerce sites.

Unsurprisingly, e-retail giant Amazon topped the search charts, but other big name brands like Next, Debenhams and John Lewis were not far behind. One in every 125 searches made on 26th December included the word ‘sale’ or ‘sales’, proving that the British public are as keen as ever to pick up a bargain.

IBM released similarly impressive statistics for the day that highlighted the ever growing presence of mobile devices. The percentage of consumers using their tablet or smartphone to make a purchase rose to 24.73% – a significant increase on 2011’s 15.93%. The iPad was the leading device in the shopping stakes, accounting for 15.84% of all purchases, but the iPhone was not far behind with 8.63%, and phones running Android racked up a respectable 6.17% throughout the day.

These figures once again reinforce the importance of optimising your business’s website for mobile transactions. The Christmas shopping season may now be winding down, but 2013 is only just beginning, so make sure your website is ready for the New Year!