The benefits of dedicated web hosting

If you’re looking at how to host your website, you might consider taking advantage of dedicated web hosting.

Dedicated web hosting is when a customer pays to hire a complete server for their own use. If you decided to go down the dedicated web hosting route then you would not share your server with any other client.

Unsurprisingly, dedicated web hosting is considered the best type of web hosting amongst the options currently available. It can be worth spending the extra money to get your own server, especially if you have a business that handles a lot of online transactions: however, it’s not always necessary to incur the extra expense. Small businesses with basic websites sometimes have no need of dedicated web hosting.

Whilst dedicated web servers are solely ‘owned’ (well, rented really) by one particular client, business or domain name, they will not be located on site. Instead, the server will be located wherever the hosting company maintains their hardware. This is usually in a dedicated data centre.

Dedicated web hosting offers a range of benefits for businesses. It offers a good level of security along with a size and infrastructure to support complex transactions and multiple site visits. For example, if you host a sale and are expecting large volumes of traffic and transactions (more so than usual) on a particular day, you can advise your web hosting company about this and they can ensure that your site won’t crash on the day.

Dedicated web hosts may also offer customised solutions, including the ability to choose different levels of storage capacity, CPU speeds, and advanced security features.