Taking online payments – the importance of easy payment processing

Internet Online ShoppingAs people become increasingly time poor, having good web design becomes ever more important. As discussed previously on the NS Design blog, the design of your checkout system needs to be quick and easy to use, or you will see customers abandoning their shopping baskets in frustration. The same also applies to your payment card handling system.

Although it is perfectly possible to create your own payment processing system to accept credit cards via your website, such an approach is unlikely to be cost effective, particularly when there are several “out-of-the-box” solutions already available. More importantly, these existing solutions are generally designed to be easily integrated into your website and easy for customers to use as part of your checkout process.

Easy integration of a payment gateway with your website is particularly important to help reduce the time taken to get everything up and running. The less time spent on developing the site, the quicker you can begin trading online to generate a return on that investment.

Choosing a payment gateway that integrates neatly with your website design also makes the process easier and more intuitive for your shoppers. Providing a consistent interface across each webpage and stage of the checkout process reduces the risk of people becoming frustrated or confused and dumping their shopping baskets.

It may well be the case then that paying slightly more for a payment gateway that is simple to use could yield greater returns.

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