Tablets overtake smartphones when it comes to web traffic

Modern business workplaceTablets may have only become widely available about 3 years ago, but their importance is becoming more and more evident by the day. New research from Adobe has shown that tablets now account for more web traffic than smartphones (albeit by 1%). Tablets are now responsible for 8% of web traffic, whilst smartphones account for just 7%.

Whilst the difference may seem minor, this is an important finding for business owners and web designers alike. Smartphones and tablets are both technically mobile devices, but user spending habits have actually proved to be rather diverse.

According to Adobe, tablet users spend 54% per online order than their smartphone using counterparts, and 19% more than desktop users. Whether this is because tablet users are more likely to have expendable income, considering the large initial upfront payment for the device itself, or the fact that they are easier to use thanks to their larger screen size, has not yet been determined, but either way, companies need to make sure that their website is suitable for any user that wishes to access it – using the device of their choice.

Ultimately, mobile devices in general now account for around 15% of total web traffic – if your website isn’t yet optimised for mobile use, you could be missing out on a significant portion of your potential audience.

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