How Social are the UK Banks?

do the Banks listen on social media
Last week, I tested the UK’s Broadband providers, this week it was the UK Banks.

#AreYouListening is my (not very scientific) Social Media mentions challenge – where I reach out to organisations on Twitter, not by tagging them in (using the @username), but simply by mentioning their name.

All businesses should “listen” on social media, not just people talking TO you, but ABOUT you as well.  Here’s my tweets as sent to Barclays, RBS and HSBC – three of the biggest banks in the UK who all claim to listen – but do they really?…

Tweeting the UK Banks


Yet again, as with last week, only 1 of the companies tested actually passed the challenge.  1 responded, and 2 failed miserably.

Congratulations to Barclays – who after just 11 minutes, came back to me with a fairly helpful reply, signed by Drew:

Barclays Bank on Twitter

No response still (over 1 week later) from either the RBS or HSBC – proving that contrary to what they say – they don’t actually listen.

Next up in the #AreYouListening challenge – I’ll be testing some of Scotland’s biggest travel companies.  Commuters love to tweet their questions (and complaints) to the Bus and Train companies – do you think they listen?  

If you’d like to learn more about Social Listening, and how to deliver social customer service, then get in touch, or consider one of our social media training courses.

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