Social Media Week in Glasgow Has Kicked Off

Hey everyone, Thea here again. I’ve been so busy that I’ve not had much time to write blogs at all. This week is Social Media Week taking place all over the world. Glasgow, it has been claimed to be the biggest outside the USA. That doesn’t surprise me as many ‘weegies’ do seem pretty clued-up and passionate on their tweets, likes and shares.

As I was working in NSDesign on Monday, I didn’t make it along to any events the events. Today, however, I made up for some lost time by attending many talks.

The first few were at the Glasgow Film Theatre and part of filmcamp Glasgow. Caught the tail end of a talk on Crowd Sourcing in today’s film-making arena (which was pretty apt for me as I’ve been contemplating a Kick Starter campaign for my own little project).

blipfoto site usuage stats at gft talk social media week glasgow
After that it was founder @joetree. I love the idea of this little, Bafta-winning Scottish dotcom. It’s an engaging site whereby you upload one (and only one) picture every single day as a sort of video journal.

I tried it a week ago or two ago, uploaded one photo, and have not done it again since,…but I suspect I could (and will) get into it.

Being a fan of Flickr already, this appeals for my joy of taking pics on the go.

Joe also had pretty impressive stats of usage of his site (as seen above) – which most of us site owners would envy…

Hera Hussain @ Social Media Week Talk, GlasgowJust before 5pm it was a mad dash down to Bothwell Street for Future Forward, an event hosted by our friend Benedetto Bordone (@tlcstudios).

There were four, interesting talks on the night and some good banter too. I took a wee shot of Hera Hussain – in action at twenty one years old, and tweeting less than a year she’s taken to it like a duck to water.

The whole day’s been great. It’s always interesting to hear my fellow Social Media peers’ experiences, thoughts, recommendations, best practices and so forth.

Plus one of the speakers, Jim Henderson, a business coach, even gave me a book – Positioning the Battle for Your Mind. Sounds right up my street, and I do love a FREE book, so thanks Jim!

Wish I could spend the day attending more talks tomorrow, but alas, there’s working to be done at NS HQ – so I shall resign myself to the one, rather special, evening talk from our very own head honcho – Gary Ennis. His talk – Socially adept or socially inept? How to do, learn and use social media for business. On Thursday it will be my turn. My first ever Social Media talk. It’s on the subject of LinkedIn, delivered early on Thursday morning for Business Banter. It’s FREE, short and sweet, if you’re up early and want to glean a few tips on the business networking site. I am just one of half a dozen speakers – so it’s bound to be a great coffee morning in Esquires in Glasgow. Hope to see one or two of you there. Better go, I’ve got to put the finishing touches on my talk.

If you’re in the Central Belt of Scotland it’s not too late to sign up for some talks. Learn more about Social Media Week Glasgow – and why not take part.

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