Social Media Week Glasgow – Wrap Up

Social Media Week GlasgowHey guys, Thea here again. Further to my earlier blog about Social Media Week having kicked off, I thought I’d do a follow up, a short wrap up, if you will.

It was a very busy week for us NS Social Media types – what with us, like most people, having full time jobs and yet still trying to get out there to participate as much as we could.

Like any festival, conference or the like – there is a danger of being “too much” on. In my opinion, life is better with quality not quantity, but that’s just me. In many cases, there were things happening concurrently, and I’d want to be at both – which is, of course, impossible.

As luck would have it though – the vast majority of the sessions were recorded and streamed, so it was possible to watch LIVE while at work, or later at a more convenient time.

Wednesday night Gary took part in an event at Glasgow’s Film City called Socially adept or socially inept? How to do, learn and use social media for business. It was, as ever, an engaging and informative talk from him – this time recounting some of the stats from our recent Social Media ROI survey. There are a few of my snaps on our NSDesign flickr page – if you’re interested.


There were some surprising results in the survey like: Nearly 40% of the Scottish businesses doing Facebook don’t think it’s useful. Ironically, the winner was Twitter – which most people don’t initially “get” – but was found to be the most used and useful.

Another key social media tool was blogging which 64% of our respondents found useful (that’s quite a bit more than the aforementioned Facebook stat).

Also on the bill were: our cultural client, Clare McLeod @IntermezzoArts, who uses social media to promote the arts, Inner Ear’s @dougalperman discussed having a plan, then doing the campaign, and most essentially recommended using tools for measurement (an interesting example of SM tool CO TWEET was given), and finally the ever-controversial social knowledge authority @MurrayBuchanan recounted the tale of how he grew his Facebook followers to the thousands only to dump them down to just his nearest and dearest. (Frankly, after years of doing social media daily, I can’t really blame him,…)

Thursday morning I gave my own social media bite-sized talk for The Business Banter crowd. I was speaking on my 10 Quick Tips for LinkedIn Success – which I’ll no doubt post as a blog later this week. It was a nerve-racking experience but overall pretty fun. I might just do it again. My fellow presenters all did a fantastic job to amuse and enlighten us.

With each talk I attend I usually walk away from it with some tip, suggestion, nugget or thought. It’s often something as simple as checking out a website, or a suggestion on how to do social media more effectively.

Friday I was in work all day but rushed to Skypark to hear the closing keynote of Social Media Week, delivered over Skype, from Don Tapscott. Don is the author or Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything (2006) and a new book Macrowikinomics – Rebooting Business and the World. While it was interesting, I have to admit it was all a bit over my head. I ended up leaving Skypark feeling that it was all a bit anti-climactic. Of course the excitement raged on, in town, but after a long week of work and Social Media all I really wanted was some food and to put my feet up.

It was a good experience over all. I got to catch up with many of my peers from across the Central Belt. I heard some of them talk and share their stories. Like most people I didn’t get to half of the talks I wanted to see but thankfully, as I said, there’s always the LiveStream. Speaking of which, off to finish watching the talk on Responsive Design.

Let us know if you attended any talks. Which were your favorites? What was the best bit of advice you walked away with?

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