Social media to be included in post-hacking scandal inquiry

The judicial inquiry set up in the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal will be extended to cover social media.
Prime Minister David Cameron told the Commons that the Leveson inquiry would now look at other types of media aside from the press in order to ascertain whether they had been involved in any wrongdoing.
He said: “We have made clear that the inquiry should look at not just the press but other media organisations – including broadcasters and social media – if there is any evidence that they have been involved in criminal activities.”
Bill Cash, a select committee chair, said that the extension to social media and broadcasters supported a motion proposed by himself and other politicians, including 16 select committee chairs, the chairman of the Conservative 1922 Committee, the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party and other political leaders.
He said: “Our Motion insisted that the terms of reference of the Leveson Inquiry must be extended to the whole media, including sound, visual and social media, and to include blagging and other unethical or illegal practices and should not be confined to phone hacking.”

”We must return to basic principles which can then be applied to everyone in media, not just those accused of alleged phone hacking at one newspaper, if we are to see justice in this inquiry.”

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