Social media for business – why isn’t it working for you?

Social Media keyboardAccording to a recent infographic from, only 5% of companies are highly satisfied with their social media campaigns – and more than a quarter (27%), are not satisfied at all. Everybody knows that Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly utilised as part of a company’s digital marketing strategy these days – so why are so many companies not achieving their social goals?

The infographic, which was based on a survey of more than 2,700 social media professionals throughout 2012, revealed that the major roadblocks for most participants were:


  •  Lack of time (65%)
  • Lack of manpower (63%)
  • Lack of money (41%)
  • Non-priority (39%)
  • Unsure of tools (39%)

The ‘non-priority’ bracket is perhaps the most surprising – particularly when you look at targets that brands believe that social media can achieve for them. 87% of the social media professionals had a goal of brand awareness, 62% wanted to increase web traffic, 61% wanted to improve their reputation and 45% wanted to generate leads. All of these benefits are achievable with an effective social media plan, so the fact that almost 40% of social media professionals don’t see the medium as a priority is concerning.

The other ‘roadblocks’, on the other hand, are easier to fix. Lack of time, for instance, can be remedied with rigorous forward planning or the use of a social media management system. Lack of manpower can be solved by asking for input from members of other departments – not only will this give you helpful new insight into your strategies, it will ease the workload for those who currently cannot manage. Those unsure of tools should invest in training to ensure that every aspect of their social media software is being used to their advantage.

Social media is an essential tool for companies doing business in 2013, so make sure your strategy is up to date and ready to go for the year ahead.